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For 300,000 years, humans have called Earth "home" alongside various different species of animals, creatures, and plants. Through evolution and adaptation, humanity has survived all kinds of danger this world has thrown in their path. From life-threatening diseases to colossal size natural disasters, we have always demonstrated the special virtues of resilience and longevity. Unfortunately, it is sad to say that the greatest and most powerful enemy the human race has ever encountered is themselves. Years of pollution have drastically altered our planet's timespan for supporting life. According to The Climate Clock, a site founded by scientists, artists, educators, and activists around the world, in order to have a 2/3rds chance of staying under the threshold of 1.5°C, society as a whole would have to achieve near 0 emissions in the next 7 years. While this feat may seem hard, it is not impossible. One step we can take to combat this issue is to improve out recycling efforts. 
Here are the facts:
- recycling paper cuts down on air pollution by 73% and water pollution by 35%
- recycling glass decreases mining waste by 80% and air pollution by 20%

We designed Evvie as an alternative way of saving the planet, centralizing on the user, YOU! For every item you recycle, we get one step closer to a perfect environment. 

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